Bessie & Duke



Sara of Silverhawk


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Skye of Siverhawk


      Luke Jr. Taking a Win


   Club Collies & Carm and     Geno


Silverhawk Sara's baby pic 


    Happy  Taking a hike                


      Silverhawk Collies Playing             


               I'm posing for the Camera


      Sara What do you see?

  Wild horses of the  Sierra         Nevadas


Silverhawk Sara and Dusty


                  Taking a Win




                            Sara on lookout


        I'm going shopping


        On guard patrol


Sara and Dusty cuddling


     New babies so sleepy



   Can we come in?


                       Catch me if you can


             Pretty Bessie



Playdate Misti Tri-Sara Sable-Skye Blue, Kyla White


                Who's there?



                      Pretty Collie Lad!


We are the Champions!!

     We are the Champions!!





Skye of Silverhawk








Collie play date


Training class


Tremont Girls


Blumatra pups


        Woofstock 2013