Reno Rescue stories

  On August 29, 2014, there was a huge seizure of over 100 collies from a single hoarding situation.  All of collie world was following this story.  And those dogs were going to need homes.  I was hopeful that I might be able to rescue one of those dogs but the rescue required that you travel to pick up your dog and that just wasn’t possible for me with my work schedule. 

    I was not happy about things, that I could not rescue a dog because I could not travel.  My friend, Sandy in Arizona found out that some of the dogs would be transported to her area, to the rescue that helped her with a rescue involving a tri girl with the broken leg.  She might have a contact that could help me.  And as it turned out he did. 

    When they found out what they were getting he sent me a list of dogs with information about them and told me to pick my top three and get back to him ASAP. I looked over the list of 11 dogs and actually gave him my top five picks, my first choice being Dog #3 who was about 12 weeks old, had diffuse mange and bilateral eye infections. 

    The next message from him was that Dog #3 was probably eight months old, with diffuse mange and probably blind.  Did I still want him?  My heart just sank.  I wanted a puppy but a blind older puppy?  For a split second my reaction was no – but then I realized this was probably my only chance to get one of these dogs.  The others they had were evidently spoken for and they weren’t getting anymore.  And I could not travel to pick out a dog from Houston.  I wrote back and told him that I still wanted him. 

    The progress reports I got after that.....he was probably 18 months old and might have some vision though they didn’t know how much but he did have diffuse mange that would have to be treated.  So after six weeks of treatment, the mange problem was resolved and he was getting back to good health.  From 35 pounds at intake to 48 pounds after arrival at the second rescue on November 8. And after examination by the doggy ophthalmologist, it was reported that he was NOT blind!  That was the best news I ever got!!  Now all we had to figure out was transportation from Phoenix to Reno.

    The person in New Mexico who went to Texas to get this group of collies named him Chance because he was getting a second chance at life. I was going to change his name but Chance is appropriate.  And soon, we will tell his story, when his new life begins in Reno.